Recommender Systems in Netflix

Netflix is a company that demonstrates how to successfully commercialise recommender systems.  Netflix manages a large collections of movies and television programmes, making the content available to users at any time by streaming them directly to their computer/television.  It’s a very profitable company that makes its money through monthly user subscriptions.  Users can cancel their… Read More Recommender Systems in Netflix

Mendeley Suggest

Mendeley Suggest is an article recommender system for researchers.  It’s designed to help them discover new research based on their short and long term interests and to keep them up-to-date with what’s popular and trending in their domains. The first set of recommendations is based on all of the articles that you have added to… Read More Mendeley Suggest

The Components of a Recommender System

A recommender system is made up of five core components (Figure 1). This post is intended to give the big picture. In future posts we’ll jump into details. Arguably, the core component is the one that generates recommendations for users; the recommender model (2).  It is responsible for taking data, such as user preferences and descriptions… Read More The Components of a Recommender System