In this post we’ll look at a relatively low cost but high value technique for improving the quality of your recommendations, named dithering.  It’s a technique that re-orders a list of recommendations by slightly shuffling them around.  It is typically implemented in the recommendation post-processing component.  Despite its value, it doesn’t seem to have been… Read More Dithering

The Components of a Recommender System

A recommender system is made up of five core components (Figure 1). This post is intended to give the big picture. In future posts we’ll jump into details. Arguably, the core component is the one that generates recommendations for users; the recommender model (2).  It is responsible for taking data, such as user preferences and descriptions… Read More The Components of a Recommender System

Discover the research community

Recommender systems have been around for decades, over which time a strong community of academic researchers and industry practitioners has emerged.  They invest a copious amount of time and energy into understanding the theory and practice of recommenders. As the recommender community grew, it got increasingly organised and created a series of conferences named The… Read More Discover the research community